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June 10, 2010

Hey there, friends! I'm hopeful that you can assist me.

You may have heard that Affirmations has launched a new “text2give” campaign, utilizing technology that very few organizations have had the opportunity to try, and I hope that you can help us spread the word.

Supporters of Affirmations who want to allow us to continue to provide award-winning and life-saving programs and services now have the option to donate in a cutting-edge way: they can simply text AFF to 85944 and a $5 gift to Affirmations will be added to their mobile telephone bills. Supporters must reply “yes” to a confirmation message and can make up to three text2give donations in a one-month period.

You can help by texting AFF to 85944 and by spreading the word to encourage your friends to give, too. You can Tweet, text, post Facebook statuses, add blurbs to your email signatures, or do it the old-fashioned way by talking face-to-face or on the phone!

We're thinking this campaign will appeal to younger generations and those who are frequent texters, so if you know of anyone who falls within that demographic, please tell them about this awesome new way to support their community center.

If you require assistance or have questions about this new campaign, please contact me at ccopeland@goaffirmations.org or 248-398-7105. Thanks for playing a role in our success!

Carrie Copeland
Hello fans of the Slow Zone -
Spring has arrived and we are all emerging from our winter hibernation.  The school year is starting to wrap up, kids are outside playing, and many more dogs are being walked.  This is an excellent time to post a Slow Zone sign to remind drivers to drive at or below the posted speed limit.
Slow Zone signs can be purchased for $10 each.  All proceeds from the sale of the signs are to purchase permanent radar speed boxes for the community.  Please email us at slowzone25@yahoo.com to order your official & original Slow Zone sign(s).  Free delivery!
Thank you for your interest and support.
Sue Herrmann & Krista Johnston

Reduce*Reuse*Repurpose*Recycle ---easy ways to save

A Hot Way to Repurpose Dryer Lint

By Julia W. Music

Whether it be snuggled up close to the fireplace with a book or honkered down to keep warm our fireplace is ablaze almost every night in winter and early spring.  Sometimes our tinder caught right away and other times we would go through several newspapers (not the Ferndale115 obviously) to get our fire cooking.  On a friend’s suggestion we tried using dryer lint to start our fires.  It lights quickly and consistently while burning slowly enough to ignite small branches.  We placed an empty quart sized yogurt container next to our dryer and were surprised to find that we were throwing away a quart of lint every two weeks.  Now, we repurpose our dryer lint to start fires and reduce our heating bill.  Additionally, this simple solution saves using expensive chemical logs while saving space in the landfill. 

*Bonus tip—Ferndale is known for its trees and you probably have had the experience of gathering branches from your lawn.  We throw ours into boxes.  By the time winter comes we have enough small branches to start all of our fires for the season. 


I so enjoyed reading about Col. Edward H. Jacobsen in the Spring 2010 The Crow's Nest.  We called him "Major" Jacobsen.  Major Jacobsen often wore Army uniform riding britches with leather puttees when we saw him.
My good friend and K thru 12 classmate, Ed was his son.  Ed and I enrolled in Miss Mary's (Rhinehart) kindergarten class at Roosevelt School in January, 1931 and graduated from Lincoln High in January, 1944.  Son, Ed was (and is?) a brilliant boy who enjoyed playing pranks more than he enjoyed doing school work.  Ed suddenly decided to work hard in the 12th grade, and excelled in his last year of high school.

In my last contact with Ed, years ago, he was teaching at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  I've been unable to find my good friend for many years now.

- Bill Neef, Grass Lake, MI, USA

Thank you!