Police Reports

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Armed Robbery of Little Ceasars #1462:

On Friday June 18th at about 4:00 p.m. Ferndale Police responded to the Little Ceasars at 2600 Hilton Rd. after a robber had fled the scene.

An employee working the counter said that a w/m suspect entered the store, implied he had a gun hidden under his shirt, and demanded money from the employee. The employee gave the robber money, and the thief then ran from the store. A motorist witnessed the suspect run from the store, enter a vehicle, and drive away. Police obtained a description of the suspect and his vehicle and broadcast the information.

About four hours later, a suspect matching the description of the robber in Ferndale tried to rob three pizza stores in Hazel Park. HPPD broadcast the information, and shortly after Warren Police arrested a suspect.

Police suspect and are investigating to determine whether the same person is responsible for all of the robberies.


Strong armed robbery of citizen in alley behind Vester Street #1457
On Saturday June 19th at about 3:00 a.m. police responded to Como’s restaurant and met with a man who said he was robbed in the Alley behind the 200 Block of Vester. The victim was a 33 year old w/m Virginia resident. He said that two b/m’s and possible a third w/m approached him and beat him by punching him in the face. The victim led police to 238 Vester where he last saw the suspects. The house was the sight of a large party consisting of mostly young adults.

Officers saw one person who matched the description of one of the robbers. When they tried to approach him, he ran. After a short chase, officers caught him on 9 Mile. Along the flight path, officers recovered property stolen from the victim. The person they arrested was 17 year old Detroit resident CHILDS-TUMPKIN, JOHNATHON LAFAYETTE. Police did not arrest any other suspects in the robbery, but took enforcement action against underage people at the party which included a 16 year old arrested for drunk driving and another teen cited for Minor In Possession of Intoxicants.

CHILD-TUMKINS was arraigned by Magistrate Mead who set bond at $20, 000 c/s/10% on the charge of unarmed robbery.

-Lt. William Wilson

June 21, 2010

May 23, 2010 Midnights


SUSC – Woodward and Academy

Following – Fielding

Alarm – E. 9 Mile

Warrant arrest, Operating while intoxicated 3rd offense, restating & obstructing – E. 9 Mile

911 Call - 900 W. 9 Mile

Assist Law Enforcement (Hazel Park) – West End & Muir

Assist Fire Dept – Jarvis

Code – Paxton and Academy

Code – Hilton and Hazelhurst


May 23, 2010 Afternoon


Assist Fire Dept  - Withington

Assist Fire Dept – Farmdale

Suspicious Vehicle – Central & Earle

SUSC – 281 Spencer

Following – Spencer

AMO – Woodward and Ardmore

Suspecious Person – W. Woodland

Breaking and Entering – 350 Spencer

SUSC – E. Marshall

Assist – E. Marshall

SUSC – Pinecrest

Domestic – E 10 Mile

Assist Fire Dept – University

Following – Spencer

AMO – E. 10 Mile

Intimidation – W. Marshall

Noise – Livernois

Juvinille – Hilton & E. 8 Mile

Party – 1921 Almont


May 23, 2010 – Day Shift


Parking  - Jewell & Hilton

IMP – W. Troy

Alarm – W. Jarvis

Release – Burdette

Driving W/ Suspended – Vester & Hilton

Warrant arrest misdemeanor – E. 9 Mile


May 22, 2010 Midnight


BURN – Jewell

Party – St. Louis

Parking – W. Saratoga & Allen

Barking dog – Dover

Suspecious Vehicle – Chestnut

Assist Fire Dept – Browning

Personal Property Tow – E. 9 Mile

Welfare Advise – W. Lewiston

Party @. Marshall

CUSTOM – 22634 Woodward

Impound Vehicle – W. 9 Mile & Farmdale

Warrant Arrest Misdemeanonr – E. 9 Mile

CUSTOM – 22901 Woodward

SUSC – Kenwood

Fight – Woodward

Suspecious Person – E. Woodland & Bermuda

Assist Fire Dept – E. Hazelhurst

OPNERR – 205 W. 9 Mile

Noise – W. Troy parking lot

Party – 2231 Chestnut

Opperating without license – W. 9 Mile

Domestic – W. Lewiston

Shots – W. Marshall

Alarm – Shevlin


May 22, 2010 – Afternoons


Noise – W. 8 Mile & St. Louis

Larceny – 821 W. Breckenridge

ABAN – E. Marshall

Suspicious Vehicle – Wanda

Larceny – W. Jarvis

Juvenile – Spencer

AB – Pinecrest

Alarm – W. 9 Mile

RD –W . 9 Mile & Planavon

Arson – 705 W. Breckenridge

Assist Fire Dept – Albany

Lock – W. 9 Mile & Planavon

Suspecious person – Hilton & Woodward Hts

Juvinille – College

SUSC – Jewell

Alarm – Woodward

Noise – St. Louis & Hancock

Welfare – Channing

Parking – E. Troy & Woodward

Welfare – Flowerdale

Animal Advise – W. Cambourne

Alarm – Livernois


May 22, 2010 – Day


Assist Fire Dept – Kennsington

Alarm – Spencer

Welfare – Alberta

Assist Fire Dept. – E. Troy

Neighbor complaint – E. 10 Mile

Lock – W. 10 Mile

Identify Theft – E. Oak Ridge

Fraud – Camden

Identity Theft – Withington

Animal – Harris


May 21, 2010


Personal Property Tow(2) – 165 E. 9 Mile

Liquir Inspection – 141 W. 9 Mile

Assist Law Enforcement -  696 & Hilton

AMO – W. 9 Mile

Lock – Woodward

RD – 22061 Woodward

Warrant arrest misdemeanor – E. 9 Mile

Barking dog- Camden

Alarm – Woodward

Suspecious Vehicle – W. 9 Mile & Allen


Police raided a home in the 1300 block of Camden on 05/13/10 at about 3:15 p.m.

Due to complaints of suspicious activity from the neighbors, police began an investigation of the home where it was suspected illegal drug use and prostitution was taking place.

Oakland County Narcotics Team (NET) found evidence of drug activity inside the home and obtained a search warrant that NET and FPD executed on Thursday afternoon.

Two arrests were made after police entered the home and found four people inside. Police also recovered drugs and paraphernalia indicating that the home was used for activities involving heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

All four people that were in the house are being charged with drug related crimes. 



10-1153 Retail Fraud arrest after report of a robbery: Law receives justice


On May 15th, two minutes into the day, police responded at 12:02 a.m. to the report of a strong armed robbery that occurred at the Citgo Gas Station at 8 Mile / Pinecrest.

When they arrived, they were informed by the clerk that a man (Later identified as Leonard Law, b/m, 25 yrs, Royal Oak Twp. resident) came to the store and committed a strong armed robbery of another unidentified customer who then left the area. Law went inside the store.

While inside the store, LAW made a purchase and then made himself a cappuccino and grabbed 3 bags of chips.  He then attempted to walk out the door without paying.  LAW'S escape was stopped because the clerk had locked the doors.  LAW approached the clerk and was told he had to pay for the items.  LAW threw $.75 (the price of one bag of chips) into the cash tray, left 2 bags of chips and headed toward the door.  The clerk unlocked the door to avoid further trouble, but, he called the police.

Officers located Law and arrested him at the 8 Mile Grill.

Law, who has an extensive criminal history, pled guilty to retail fraud and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.



Det. Lt. William Wilson

Ferndale Police Department

310 E. 9 Mile

Ferndale, MI 48220




This morning (May 17) at about 2:30, Ferndale Police Sgt. Dan Simon was on patrol and noticed a car in the Subway parking lot. Subway is located at 22134 Woodward near College.  The officer investigated further and noticed the glass was broken out of the front door of the business. Officers then checked the building and found RAYMOND EARL KELLER (w/m, 41 yrs, Hazel Park resident) hiding inside the building. Keller has an extensive criminal history that includes previous convictions for burglaries.

When arrested he was found to be in possession of suspected cocaine.

Police are seeking warrants for Keller.








On 05-14-10 at approx 2245 hours officers responded to the area of Camden and West End for the possible theft of a Catalytic Converter. The witness reported a B/M get out of a red Chevy Impala, Jack a vehicle up with a floor jack and cut off what he believed to be the Catalytic Converter. The vehicle was last seen stopped at Camden and West End. A Hazel Park officer stopped the vehicle at the intersection and arrested the driver (Hawkins) and passenger (Calwise) w/o incident. Officers recovered 3 Catalytic Converters and a floor jack.


A man who witnessed the incident observed a red car drive W/B on Camden past his house on Camden, turn around, turn his light off and head back E/B Camden. The car stopped in the roadway and a black male wearing a red sweater got out of the driver’s seat and put a jack under a white car parked on the 1500 block of Camden. The witness observed a black female get out of the passenger seat and stand by the rear of the vehicle looking up and down the street. He heard a "saws all" cutting off something, then he let the car down off the jack and put something in the car. The red vehicle then drove to West End where the police caught them. Officers found three cut off catalytic converters in the suspect vehicle.


Warrants were obtained charging both suspects with Larceny From Auto (5 yr. felony) and against Hawkins for having a suspended license.

Magistrate Mead arraigned the suspects on Saturday and set bond at $25,000 c/s/10%  for each defendant.




Det. Lt. William Wilson

Ferndale Police Department

April 28, 2010 -




Over the last 10 day period, FPD has had reports of at least six home invasions of vacant homes where thieves are stealing copper pipes.

The thefts have been occurring in the northwest portion of the city (North of 9 Mile Rd, West of Woodward). Most homes have been entered by the thieves forcing open the rear door.


If neighbors see anybody who appears to be a construction work crew at their neighbors homes, and they are loading pipes, appliances, or other apparent scrap into trucks, Vans, trailers, etc. then please call the police if you do not know the people are there legitimately.


Det. Lt. William Wilson

APRIL 16, 2010 - from Ferndale Police Press Release

10-604 – Parent Charged With Fraud for Enrolling Son at FHS:

YOLANDA BYERS, 41 yr, b/f, Detroit resident was arraigned for Fraud after police discovered that she falsified documents to enroll her son in the Ferndale School District. The situation came to the attention of the police after officers arrested her son ( Rondell Byers) for Home Invasion on March 1st. Rondell lived in Detroit, but school records showed he lived in Ferndale. The Byers claimed that Rondell lived on Marshall Street with his grandmother.    Investigation showed that he did not even know the person who lived at that address. Yolanda Byers obtained a Michigan Driver’s license with a false Ferndale address and used that i.d. along with other documents to trick the school district.

In the past, Ferndale police have sought felony charges for this offense, but in this case chose to prosecute by charging with a City Ordinance offense. This case had mitigating factors to justify the more lenient approach.

Some of these factors include:  The student had no known criminal or behavioral history. After he was arrested, his parents worked with police to close home invasion investigations and recover stolen property. Yolanda Byers does not have a criminal history.  

10-919 – Student Arrested for Home Invasion

On 04/15/10 at about 3:30 p.m. Ferndale Police responded to a report of a Home Invasion that occurred on Pinecrest Street. The 53 year old woman resident said that heard noises, then saw a b/m teen in her kitchen. The male left then fled the house. The woman called the police and gave a description of the suspect. A Ferndale officer quickly found a person matching the description nearby on 8 Mile Road. Ferndale police were assisted by Hazel Park Police K9 unit. The Officer and his dog tracked from the house to where the suspect was arrested.

The 15 year old male was arrested and lodged at Oakland County Children’s Village and is scheduled for a hearing at 1:30 this afternoon.

Thursday, April 8, 2010 (3rd shift)




At 11pm assisted Hazel Park with a barricaded gunman on W. Muir Street

At 1:51am assisted Hazel Park with an armed robbery and home invasion on Stauber Street




suspicious vehicle on Albany, parking issue on Pinecrest, parking issue on Woodward, a fight on Hilton (3366), urinating in public on Hilton (3366), assisting Hazel Park Fire Department, suspicious vehicle near Hilton and 10 Mile, two more parking calls on Woodward, an alarm on Woodward and a warrant pick up for a misdemeanor for a woman picked up by Beverly Hills Police for failure to appear in court on a driving with suspended license charge.