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Submission Guidelines…all submissions should be sent to Crystal Proxmire at  Or through Facebook –  submission is not a guarantee of publication.  It can take up to 3-4 weeks or more to process submissions, so please be patient and send your stuff in as early as you can if it is time-sensitive.



ARTICLES – Articles should be between 400-1000 words. Please include 2-10 pictures, along with name of the people in the picture and who to give photo credit to.  Articles must be in .doc format or inline email or Facebook text.


PRESS RELEASES – We will either run your press release as you send it, or we will write a story based on your press release.  To make your press release most effective, please:


-Include quotes from 2-3 people involved in your story.

-Have your business/group’s name, address, website, phone number, and any other info you want to share – hours, meeting times etc. 

-Send in a .doc format.  .pdf and docx. are harder for us to work with because of formatting issues.

-Press releases should be Fendale-related, or if they are outside Ferndale there should be a local angle.


FERNDALE VIEWS – Ferndale Views are opinion letters or personal experience pieces.  They can be as short as a couple of sentences, and as long as 1,000 words.  Submissions must include contact info, although we will only print the name and possibly a business or organization name, or title.  We reserve the right to reject or edit submissions, and will contact you to approve of any changes before running, unless it is simple spelling or grammar corrections.  Submissions should go to or through Facebook – .


AROUND TOWN – This page features photos submitted by readers.  Send your photo to, or tag Crystal Proxmire on Facebook – Be sure to include a description and the name of the person who should get credit for the photo.  Professional photographers are welcome to send in a pic also, and we’ll include the name and website link in the caption.  Groups and businesses that submit a picture can also send a link that we may or may not include (depending on the situation/space etc). 


FICTION/POETRY/ART- contact us and let us know what you have in mind.  Must be Ferndale author, or live within the Ferndale School District, OR have some other strong Ferndale tie. 


COMICS – no set policy yet, but we are interested in helping a local comic artist succeed if we can find one that is good, family friendly, and consistent.  E mail Crystal at and let us know you’re interested.


TRAVEL STORIES – What connects Ferndale with the rest of the world?  What can you share with neighbors about the places you’ve been?  Send your travel stories (400-1000 words) and up to 10 pictures to  Make sure to include at least one with you in it!




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