Dear Readers,


The great brainstorm is on.  We need to find a way to get money in order to make The Ferndale 115 News the best it can be for the community.  All that we’ve been doing since June 2009 has been done with very little money, but there are big steps that we cannot make without financial support.


I’ve come up with two ways of funding this, but neither has been a big success, mainly because I don’t have anyone else to help me in these departments.  The first is by offering low-cost advertising ($35 a month for a basic package or $900 to sponsor a special section for an entire year that includes premium placement and home page recognition).  (rate sheet =  The second is with a Fan Club program that costs a reader $15 and they get to be listed on the site for a season and they win a prize from a local business. 


I don’t know if those can be successful or not.  I know they only will be if I can find the right people to do the sales.  If someone thinks they could sell ads for The Ferndale 115 I am happy to hear from them.  I’d also like to find someone to run The Fan Club program, for which they could earn $5 for every $15 package sold. 


Apart from needing two good, energetic & motivated salespeople, I would like to ask that all readers take some time to think about The Ferndale 115 News, and how we might be able to raise money to make this a really good, community-driven project.


Is there anyone out there willing to help us find and apply for grants?  Anyone good at fundraising events have some ideas?  Any ideas that are so wild-and-crazy they just might work?


Below is a feedback form.  Please send me any suggestions you might have, or if you are interested in advertising with us.  We had over 1,800 unique readers so far in April.  That is great exposure for your group or business.


Thanks for any ideas or help you can give!

~Crystal A. Proxmire

Editor & Publisher of The Ferndale 115 News

April 26, 2010

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