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Ferndale’s New Sweet Spot:  Woodward Avenue Candy Shop

(Crystal A. Proxmire)


A rainy Saturday afternoon was made brighter for the Dejaeghere family, as about two dozen friends, family and new Ferndale neighbors huddled around the counter of the Woodward Avenue Candy Shop for an indoor ribbon cutting celebrating the new store opening on Sept. 11, 2010.


The Shop is located at 23337 Woodward, replacing Queen’s Dreams which moved out earlier in the summer.  The building’s burgundy exterior and intricately-painted murals inside the store remain nearly the same, with “Making Life Sweeter One Day at a Time scripted along the north wall.  And everywhere else you look there is candy, candy, candy!

Jane Dejaeghere, who is a full-time banker by day, says the candy business is a natural fit for her.  “Who doesn't have a sweet tooth?” she said.  “I wanted to offer products and services that were within every one's budget.  But, also make them smile. What better way than candy?”


She says that she loves the Mc Craw’s Taffy and Squirrel Nut Chews, while husband John is partial to Almond Joy.  Though the Woodward Avenue Candy Shop has a large variety of candies and other treats to satisfy any sweet tooth.  There is a corner full of two cent candy; the walls are lined with candy bins and displays, while the center of the store has barrels full.  A small back room has candy-related merchandise, including a large Pez pillow, lunch boxes and board games.  Jane also makes homemade fudge, cookies, cupcakes, and pretzels and apples coated with caramel and chocolate.


The business will give John and Jane a chance to run a fun family business, while still spending time with their kids - 14-year-old Devon, 13-year-old Alex and 10-year-old Madalyn.   The family is considering moving to Ferndale, and is happy they were able to open up shop here. 


“Ferndale has a great mix of people. They are all down to earth and it’s a great community,” Jane said.  “We want every person that walks thru our doors to know how much we truly value them.  Just the fact that they decided to shop there is a great honor.”