Rescued Baby Squirrels go from Kulick to Waggs and Wishes

(Crystal A. Proxmire)


Quick-thinking kids and counselors at The Kulick Community Center rescued a family of baby squirrels last week, getting them into the capable hands of the Waggs and Wishes volunteers at the Animal Shelter. 


Counselor Kat Diehl said she heard the children’s playing take pause.  "Ew, something dead is in the grass over here,” said one youngster.


Then the tiny hairless creature moved.


"Oooooh ! Something alive is in the grass over here!" hollered another.


Diehl checked it out and found that it was a baby squirrel.  She called over the head counselor Felicia McMullen and the Kulick Center’s maintenance man, who later told her that he had taken two little squirrels to the shelter already.


The group got together a plastic box with grass in it to transport the tiny creature to the city yard on E. Cambourne where the animal shelter is.  Rocky Cooper and others at the DWP [Department of Public Works] have been helping to feed the babies, while Waggs and Wishes Director Angie Potter tries to find the little critters a home.


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