Hells Kittens Peddle for Pups

(Crystal A. Proxmire)


Dean Bach and the lovely waitresses of Dino’s Lounge have formed a new community service group called the Hell’s Kittens.  Joined together by a love of bicycle riding, the Hell’s Kittens plan on taking part in various charity rides, as well as other community events.


The plan is to get matching jackets with patches commemorating every event.  They already have black tank tops with the Hell’s Kittens logo.


“We all know getting involved and helping out charities is cool, but this way we can really show it.  I want my employees to feel good and be proud of the stuff they do.  It’ll be fun to see who gets all the patches,” Bach said.


Their inaugural project was a 30 mile bike ride along Woodward from the restaurant out to Pontiac and back on Aug. 15, 2010.  A group of about a dozen riders took donations, and passed them on to Peddling for Pups, a group that buys dog food for pooches in animal shelters.


Bach and the other Angels welcome new members and donations.  There are also tank tops available for $12 at Dinos, with proceeds going towards their fundraising efforts.


Dino’s Lounge is located at 22740 Woodward Avenue, and their website is www.dinoslounge.com.


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