Is Ferndale the place where dreams come true?  Treat Dreams owner thinks so.

(Crystal A. Proxmire)


Scott Moloney is living the American Dream.  After thirteen years in the banking industry, he has ventured into a business of his own – a custom ice cream and dessert shop on Woodward called Treat Dreams.  His self-denoted title, as indicated on his business cards, comes with an extra-sweet ring:  “Scott Moloney, Chief Dreamologist.”


At his side are wife Megan, 13-year-old son Matthew, and 10-year-old daughter Payton to help with the ice cream tasting, and creating.  The new store, which opened on August 13, 2010, features one-of-a-kind ice cream blends, along with high quality desserts like gourmet brownies, cupcakes, chocolate-dipped pretzels, and cakes for any occasion.

The ice creams are custom made on premises, and take two days from start to finish.  Some favorites include blends made with favorite kids cereals like Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops.  There’s also a Holy Cannoli made with riccoa cheese, cinnamon, mini chocolate chips, and pieces of cannoli shell.  The creations are made of 15% butterfat mix, which is on par with premium ice cream brands.



“Eighty people came through Friday night, and every day since has been better than the first,” says Moloney.    “Now we’re just gearing up for Dream Cruise.”  The family will have a booth across the street in the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce pit stop, where they’ll be giving away ice cream samples and directing people to the new store.


Once the summer cools down into fall, Moloney will begin focusing more on the baking and pastry side of the business.  “We’ve got two bakers. One is the pastry chef at Book Cadillac Hotel, and the other is my brother in law who has a culinary background.  So they make the most incredible brownies I’ve ever had.”  Moloney hopes to avoid struggling because of the cyclical nature of the ice cream business, by keeping busy with other desserts in the off seasons.  He is also hoping to partner with area restaurants to help them craft specialty ice cream flavors for their customers.


Treats Dreams is located at 22965 Woodward, and is open every day from 11am-10pm.  Their website is