Ray White Memorial Service,


(Keith Warnick)


Ray White's memorial was Sunday, August 15, 2010.  A lot was said about Ray by family and friends. 


We first met when my wife, two daughters and I moved to Oak Park in 1985.  In a new state, and with two little children, it took us a bit to get to know our neighbors.  Although we made many friends at that time, the White's were special. 


Ray, (I called him Mr. White until just a couple of years ago), and Mary became surrogate Grandparents in a sense to our two girls since their actual Grandparents were out of state.  Ray had a knack for making anyone smile.  He also had a fun way to shake hands with the kids, moving his hand left to right which made the kids arms look like they were made of rubber.  Just seemed to be a kid at heart, and he had a big heart. 


One year, I think my youngest was in 1st grade, he brought Walter, his youngest son, over to her birthday party so he could play Happy Birthday for her and her friends on his trumpet.  A little private concert from a soon-to-be famous musician.


Although we moved to Ferndale a dozen years ago, we still managed to see each other a few times every year.  Whether it was the Historical Society annual dinner or the yearly PTSA Council Founders Day celebration, we were able to spend time with each other.  He especially like the musicians we had perform for us at the Founders Day dinner and loved to be the guest speaker/MC for the Historical Society dinners.  We never got tired of hearing his jokes, whether we heard them in the past or not.  And always had a chance to see him at the Memorial Day Parade.


Ray White was loyal to his friends, dedicated to his interests; the Historical Society, Ferndale Schools, Seabees and more; and just an overall nice guy.  I remember once being in Buffalo on business and ran across a Seabee memorial; took pictures and sent to him.  He was thrilled that I would do something like that.  Just a little something for the years of friendship we had.


He was a special man to all ages of people.  I don't believe that there is anyone, anywhere, that didn't like Ray White.

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