Reader opinions on Noise Issue and Green Cruise

The Greenness of Green Cruise

(Clay Bowers)


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Noise Issue

(Ann Muller)


            I am Ann Muller. I have lived at 332 W. Troy St. all of my 61 years. My father built it in 1947 with the G.I. Bill from having been in World War II, including the Battle of the Bulge. He is now 94, lives here, too and I speak for both of us.

            I have been here when the downtown was filled and busy with all kinds of stores, something for everyone.

            It was bad enough when festivals were brought in and allowed to be LOUD. This last Pridefest, I drove my Dad to visit his sister in Macomb County for the day. We could sometimes find places to get away from the noise but we shouldn’t have to. We should be able to enjoy our homes. We should be able to sleep in our own beds, too, at reasonable hours.

            A couple of years ago, Via Nove had music blasting out its front doors and many times at 1 a.m., my whole house vibrated. My bedroom is upstairs and my curios on the shelves shook.

Two of us neighbors complained the most, though others did, too, and Via Nove got livable. But lately, they are just as loud or louder than before because they have Rosie’s to compete with.

            We recently had new windows put in. That has helped make the main floor much quieter, plus the brick ranch next door shields us from some of the noise from that direction.

            But in the winter, even with patios empty and outside loudspeakers not on, I can feel the bass in my upstairs. I can’t sleep until it is shut off about 2:30 to 3:00 a.m. winter or summer.

            My sleep habits have changed so that I don’t wake up until 10 or 11 in the morning and I lose half my morning. It’s lucky for me that I took an early retirement or I’d be fired, but this is not the retirement I took off early for.

            I think the loud music also makes louder customers. And they don’t think, and I know some don’t care, that people are trying to sleep in the houses they shout to each other in front of.

            The noise consultant says it the kind of music we object to. He’s wrong. Most of the time, we have no idea what kind of music is playing—all we hear is LOUD NOISE. Customers yelling over whatever is coming out of the loudspeakers.

            The final blow was Sundays. When traffic is less and other usual sounds are lowest of all the week, Rosie’s has their Sunday Specials. I had my air conditioning on and could still hear it yesterday on the main floor with closed windows and the TV on. And hear and feel the bass. Over and over and over for 6 to 8 hours.

            If everyone in our neighborhoods starts pulling out radios and mowing and edging lawns to cover this noise, especially on Sunday afternoons, and some of that is happening now, it only makes it worse. A city of noise.

            Open Houses are usually on Sunday afternoons. Who’s going to buy? Who’s going to be able to sell? Plus there’s the huge homestead loss my father would take if he had to sell. 

            The Ford Mustang birthday celebration did it right. I was able to hear it where it was on 9  Mile Rd. and before I got to the alley behind my house, I couldn’t hear it. If they can do it, why can’t Rosie’s and all these other places.

            When we go to Beaumont Hospital, there are signs saying, Respect The Neighborhoods.

            I wish the council would learn to respect the neighborhoods and be a good example to the businesses it lets in.