FERNDALE VIEW:  AJs to Host Town Hall Against Insurance Company Price Gouging

(AJ O’Neil, owner AJ’s Music Café, 240 W. 9 Mile, Ferndale)



Hi gang!
There comes a time when we need to take a stand. This is such a time.

The insurance industry in Michigan is among the most profitable
anywhere. Yet while we are still staggering from the horrible economy,
with layoffs, job loss and, unfortunately more than a couple of missed
payments, the insurance industry can and does base your no-fault auto
insurance premiums based not just on your driving record or the value
of your car. They use your level of education and your credit score as

That has nothing to do with how you drive.

That is unacceptable.

We need to send a strong message to Lansing that we hired our Senators
to work in our best interest, not the price gouging insurance
industry.  We can "re-hire" them, or not this November.

One way to know whether they are working as your "lobbyist" is by
attending a "Michigan Senate Roll-Call and Peoples Town Hall Rally"
this Thursday, August 12th, 5 pm at AJ's cafe in Downtown Ferndale at 240 W. 9 Mile.

We are asking them to pass House Bill 5634, already passed by the
Michigan House in a bi-partisan effort which bans this insurance
industry practice. We ask, demand that this bill be passed in THIS
SESSION, so Governor Granholm can sign this into law.

We'll expect every state Senator to either be there or to call in and
make there position known at Thursday's roll-call. Every one of them
has been notified (see letter attached)

Kindly see the press advisory below. Pass it on!
This is how we CAN make a difference.

Most kindly yours,

Press Advisory:
                                  For Immediate release:

RALLY" at AJ's Cafe,  Next Thursday, August 12th

To assure ample notification, all 38
Michigan senators we're sent facsimiles on Aug. 7 with instructions on how
to participate in the "Michigan Senate Roll-Call and Town Hall Forum"
taking place at AJ's Cafe in Downtown Ferndale, Mich. next Thursday,
August 12th, beginning at 5pm.

"I want to be sure that every Senator is given ample information and
time to participate in this very important matter," Cafe owner
A.J.O'Neil said; referring to his efforts to bring awareness to the
passage of House Bill 5634.

House Bill 5634 which easily passed the Michigan House last year in a
bi-partisan vote, seeks to ban the use of the automobile insurance
industry's practice of using credit scores to determine auto
insurance rates.

The rally at AJ's cafe, internationally known hotbed for social
activism, is the site of many  local awareness campaigns, among them,
the Guinness world record for longest concert, the Assembly Line (s)
which created International goodwill for the Detroit auto and manufacturing
industry, its  products and  workforce.

The Rally next week will be followed by a UAW and union open mic jam,
featuring local and regional performers. The rally and concert are
free and all are encouraged to attend.

For more information contact AJ's Cafe at 248 399.3946