Kulick Center Day Camp Keeps Kids Active and Connected

(Crystal A. Proxmire)


The summer has been fun and educational for the youngsters who have enjoyed the Kulick Center Day Camp, which helps keep kids aged 5-12 busy in the months off school. 


Camp Director Felicia McMullen explains, “Camp is important for kids because it allows them the opportunity to develop new skills and identify talents. Children of all abilities have fun and participate in games at camp.  Participating in activities teaches campers the importance of team work and compromise. Building new relationships with fellow campers and counselors builds self-esteem and confidence.  Day Camps create a feeling of community as parents have the opportunity to meet and interact each day of camp.”  


The youth are divided into age-appropriate groups, and a staff of six counselors leads them in games, activities and field trips. The counselors are from the community.  Three are returning counselors from last year.

Last week was Wacky Water Week. “The campers have done water coloring, created a picture of an underwater world and shared the story they made up about their underwater world with the group,” McMullen said. “For this week we did water relay races, water basketball (we substituted a sponge for the basketball), and water ball on turtles.


‘A group game is typically something like Kick the Can or Capture the Flag. These types of games allow campers of various ages and abilities the opportunity to interact together without excluding anyone.  There is a role in the game for every ability.”


Not only is the Kulick Center Day Camp an affordable way for Ferndale youngsters to stay connected in a positive, structured environment, it also is a program that brings funding into the center.  The camp is $114 per week (camp being from 8am – 3pm), and there is After Care available from 3pm – 5:30pm for an additional $30.  Campers can pick which weeks they would like to go to, and should register the Monday before their chosen week begins.  The Day Camp ends August 20, 2010, but they hope to be able to bring it back next year.


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