Erica Lynn’s Visit to the Senior Ice Cream Social

(FERNDALE VIEW by Erica Lynn)



On July 28th I was invited to the Ferndale Senior Citizens ice cream social at the Kulick Center.   Before the ice cream, do it yourself sundaes were served Mayor Craig Covey spoke.  Covey is running for Oakland Co Commissioner from our area.  


I also interviewed Julie Hall, Ferndale Recreation Director. With  the  Kulick  Center on  the chopping  block  due to budget  shortfall in  Ferndale  city  government   Julie  and  staff slashed  their budget  from $845,000 to  $545,000-   resulting in the biggest reduction in any city department and in the temporary saving of the Community Center.  


Another interesting interview was Frances Shani Parker, a retired Detroit school principal.  Frances is an author and eldercare consultant.  We discussed how Americans shun thoughts of death.  


After a fantastic sundae I talked with the seniors’ dynamic fireball of energy Jeannie Davis, President of the  Seniors  for  3  years .  She is going  to  be  roasted in  November, a  month  after her  70th  birthday.  I've asked to be a part of that roast and plan to tape it for my public access cable show ERICA’S TYME.


Ms Davis’ goal for the Seniors is to make them a visible, viable group.  They are very active in supporting events.  At the kickball game between FernCare and the Ferndale Foundation they cheered for both teams and operated the concession stand. They are not just takers but believe in giving back to the community.  But they also have fun too.  Many trips,   local and out of state and even a cruise. I talked to  two  of the  12  Board  Members Virginia Saxton and Joyce  Littlejohn,  They told me the youngest age to  join  is 55 and the average Members  age is  73.  I asked President Davis to sum up in one sentence her impression of the Ferndale Senior Citizens.  "They are a group of active, intelligent, witty and curious people."                


Yes Ferndale Seniors of 2010 don t sit at home, knit and watch soap operas or play bingo...  They are out in the community, helping when needed.  but also enjoying and enriching them with lifetime learning.


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