Waggs and Wishes Seeks Help for Pup with Parvo

(Sherri Kennedy)

After getting the call, Angie Potter of Waggs and Wishes knew exactly what she had to do. Find a van, find a driving partner, and a way to Missouri to save 20 dogs and puppies from being 'heartsticked', a term that is used by shelters when referring to euthanization. Angie and her mom drove 13 hours one way to rescue animals that had no one but her coming to their rescue. Once the pair got to the shelter in Missouri, it was obvious they were needed by these pups. Especially Serenity. Angie first thought that Serenity just needed to be fed but later found out that she actually has Parvo. Parvo is a contagious virus mainly affecting dogs. It can be especially severe in puppies that are not protected by maternal antibodies or vaccination.  Treatment often involves veterinary hospitalization. Currently, Serenity is at Wilsons Veterinary Hospital undergoing a very costly $1200 treatment that stands a great chance of saving her life.


Waggs and Wishes is a Ferndale based no-kill animal rescue organization. The have recently taken over the animal shelter at the Ferndale Department of Public Works yard at 315 Cambourne.

Each day, Angie and her ever expanding crew of volunteers open their hearts to the many animals rescued by them. Some of the animals come in by owner surrender; other come in as Serenity did – being rescued from a disastrous fate. No matter how they come in, it is Angie's goal to find them a forever home with a family that will give back the unconditional love that only a pet can give. Waggs and Wishes is always taking donations of pet food (adult and puppy/kitten), feeding dishes, grooming supplies, collars and leashes, and of course – monetary donations. That is what they need most right now for Serenity.

To donate to Waggs and Wishes, please visit www.waggsandwishes.org. If you have any questions about adopting or even fostering any animal you see on the website, call Waggs and Wishes at 734-658-1268.

Waggs and Wishes can also be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/waggsandwishes.

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