FernCare’s Temporary Location Opening – Kick Off With Kickball

(Crystal A. Proxmire)


Ann Heler chose the July 12, 2010 City Council meeting as the perfect venue to announce the opening of the FernCare Free Health Clinic, because she credits the people of the city for helping to make it happen.


The clinic will begin Saturday, August 7, 2010, and will be open twice a month.  Clinic hours will start off the first and third Saturdays of each month from 9 am to noon at the Ferndale Kulick Community Center, 1201 Livernois in Ferndale.  This will give the new free health care clinic an opportunity to begin seeing patients as they wait for Federal grant money to secure their opening at an office at 459 E. 9 Mile.  The permanent location is expected to open sometime later in the year.


The clinic started with a group of Ferndale residents concerned about the state of the health care system in America.  They wondered what they could do about it, and decided to raise money for a free clinic in their neighborhood.


According to Heler, who is the Chairperson of the FernCare Board, “We will be open to patients without insurance. We will increase the number of open clinic hours and expand our services to people who have some insurance but no office visit coverage as resources and time allows. There are no residency or income requirements.” 


Appointments and intake forms are available now.  Either call the clinic at 248-677-2273 or go the website www.ferncare.org and click on “contact us”. 


To help raise money for the clinic, FernCare is going head to head with the Ferndale Community Foundation in a kickball game on Saturday, July 17.  The game will start at 1pm at Martin Road Park (E. Lewiston and Martin Road), and the Ferndale Seniors will be there selling hot dogs and refreshments.  The game will be a pass-the-hat fundraiser, with the donations being split between the two groups.


For more information about FernCare go to their website www.ferncare.org.  For the most recent news stories about the clinic, check out our health page http://www.ferndale115.com/ferncare.html.