Ferndale Community Foundation Seeks Designs for Community Flag

By, Ernest A. Truant



From May 15, 2010 through July 15, 2010 the Ferndale Community Foundation (FCF) will be seeking designs for a flag to be created and used to designate the City of Ferndale, its homes and businesses, and its pride as a community.  The Ferndale Community Foundation is asking local artists, graphic designers, students and other creative persons to design a symbol/flag that is unique, beautiful, and meaningful; something that truly represents Ferndale.


All flag or symbol submissions should be in either .JPEG or .TIF format and should be sent to fcfflag@yahoo.com no later than July 15, 2010.  From all submissions, the FCF will have a panel select five submissions to be highlighted on their website, www.ferndalecommunityfoundation.org.  Then Ferndale residents, business owners, and friends can vote for their favorite of the five designs.  The top vote-getter will then become a new Ferndale flag.  Proceeds from flag sales will benefit the Ferndale Community Foundation, an IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) organization. 


“So many people literally love this town; we think a new Ferndale flag will be extremely popular and will allow people to show their pride,” said Ferndale Mayor Craig Covey.

The Ferndale Community Foundation is set-up to promote growth locally within the city of Ferndale.  We believe that Ferndale is an outstanding community and have made the commitment by taking an active role in improving it. 


The Ferndale Community Foundation has enabled many groups to develop and complete projects that enrich the lives of Ferndale residents.  Over the past seven years they have contributed over $35,000 to projects such as providing start-up assistance to FernCare Free Medical Clinic, support for public art, drug education and prevention, and Ferndale Youth Assistance. For a complete list of their charitable giving, please check out their website at www.ferndalecomunityfoundation.org.