Marquee No Longer Free

By, Crystal A. Proxmire


The large marquee in the middle of the Woodward Avenue median at Nine Mile Road, is no longer free.  The marquee is owned by the City, but the ads are coordinated by the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce.  The Department of Public Works is responsible for putting up the letters. 


Traditionally placement on the sign was free, but City Council has voted to being charging a fee to businesses and individuals who have their message put up.


According to a Chamber E Blast, “This charge will cover the insurance, labor and maintenance involved with upkeep and usage of the marquee sign. The charges are as follows: $60 per week for the more visible North side of the sign, and $40 per week for the South side of the sign. (these are the member and non-profits rates). This is a very nominal fee considering over 30,000 cars pass that intersection per day along Woodward alone (per Semcog). This does not include Nine Mile or walking traffic.”


Because of the fee, several weeks in 2010 have opened up.  If you are interested in reserving one of the open dates, please contact Alex at the Chamber at 248.542.2160. The Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce provides many services to business owners in Ferndale and the surrounding communities.  For more information, go to


Currently the prominent side of the marquee features The Ferndale 115 News.  We also have the marquee reserved for the week of Dec. 22, in honor of editor & publisher Crystal A. Proxmire’s birthday.  We are trying to raise money to renew our Chamber membership and to pay for the marquee listing.  If you would like to show your support, please consider donating at