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Should Goldfish Be Given as Prizes?
by, June Derin

Tonight at Third Thursdays children will be awarded goldfish as prizes for a bowling game. I am voicing strong objections to awarding living creatures as prizes, party favors, etc. Although I am told it is too late to change the prizes at this time, I am urging everyone to speak up and ask that never again are animals exploited again in a city sponsored event.

We cannot be a city known for advocating human rights, yet ignore animal rights. Fish are extremely intelligent, sentient beings. There is a wealth of information on the internet testifying to this. Although I was assured prize winners will be asked to purchase a small fishbowl, I have no doubt these fish will be severely traumatized and will most probably lead short, lonely, terrified lives, if they even live long enough to make it to their new homes.

I would like to see a resolution passed by council so that the city is never involved in exploiting animals and welcome suggestions as to how this can be worded so that it does not jeopardize such animal friendly events as "Fido does Ferndale."

 Please voice your objections to council and/or the DDA so that it is clear the citizens of Ferndale advocate for not only human, but animal rights.

June Derin

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