Greening Your Barbeque
by, Newbie Foodie

As part of their Green Tuesdays environmental education series, the FESC (Ferndale Environmental Sustainability Commission) is hosting a Greening Your Barbeque presentation, complete with samples of tasty organic, all-natural meat and veggie kabobs from Western Market.  There will also be corn-based, biodegradable disposable plates and cups, along with information about how you can have fun grilling food with your friends and family while still being considerate to the planet.

“We can start thinking of ways to incorporate green practices into our day-to-day activities,” said FESC Chair Douglas Christie.  “We want to encourage people to recycle, to use recycled and biodegradable products.  Even on special occasions.”

One easy way to cut down on our carbon footprint is to substitute all natural wood briquettes for the traditional dirty charcoal briquettes.  Wood is more plentiful, cleaner, and can add smoke flavor to your food depending on the type you use.  Western Market sells Woodfire brand briquettes that are made in Paradise, Michigan.  You can save fossil fuels, have better tasting food, and support the Michigan economy by making the switch.

Taking care to purchase local and organic foods is a great way to show you care about the environment. Western Market offers organic produce, tofu, and frozen vegetarian foods.  Organic produce does not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides which have harmful effects on the ecosystem and on our bodies.

For other green barbeque tips, or to try out Western’s new line of C. Roy all-natural and organic meats, stop by The Kulick Community Center at 1201 Livernois on Tuesday, July 13 from 6:30-8pm.