Foley Mansfield and others win FESC Green Business Awards

By, Crystal A. Proxmire


Foley Mansfield has been given the Ferndale Environmental Sustainability Commissions [FESC] Green Business of the Year Award for 2010.  The award is given to the business with the smallest carbon footprint, taking into consideration size and business type.  According to the FESC, “Foley and Mansfield has made a conscious commitment to invest in green technology and to make every effort to reduce their footprint.  They recycle or reuse most items.  They use Energy Star appliances, have an insulated water heater, winterized their building and invested in double-glazed windows to save energy across the board.  Their water-saving efforts are to be applauded: low flow toilets, capturing rain water on-site and re-using grey water to name a few.”


This is the third year that FESC has given the award.  The Woodward Avenue Brewers [WAB] won for 2008 and Affirmations Community Center won in 2009. 


The awards were officially announced at the City Council meeting on April 12, 2010, but the winners will be able to celebrate with the public at the 40th anniversary of Earth Day party at The Loving Touch on Thursday, April 22, 2010 starting at 7pm.  The free event offers healthy food, free massages, organic beer, guest DJ and a non-smoking environment.


The other award winners were:


The Bronze Winners, based on meeting at least 50% of the items on the survey are:

                       Just 4 Us 

                       Library Bookstore Inc. 

                       Howes Bayou 

                       Mejishi Martial Arts 

                       Little Friends of Ferndale  

                       Candle Wick Shop 

                       Star of India 

                       Woodward Avenue Brewery

                       Gracie’s Underground

                       Dino’s Lounge 

                       Honey Baked Ham Company 

                       Boost on 9 

                       Karizma Couture 

                       Pinwheel Bakery 

                       Danny’s Irish Pub


 The Silver Winners, based on meeting at least 70% of the items on the survey are:


                       Foley and Mansfield 

                       The Emory 

                       The Night Move 

                       May’s Bangkok Express 

                       Go Comedy Improv Theatre 

                       Affirmations, Inc. 


And the winner of the Gold Standard for Green Initiatives met 91% of the items on the survey.  Congratulations to the Boston Tea Room.   Items that helped them reach this standard included:


                       Unplugging items not in use

                       An investment in double-glazed windows

                       Low-flow toilets and no flush urinals

                       They use almost 100% safe and non toxic cleaning supplies

                       They have eliminated plastic bags and Styrofoam

                       And they purchase local