Equity & Friends Fight AIDS



For the past fifteen years, The Michigan AIDS Coalition, the statewide HIV AIDS prevention education organization based in Detroit and Ferndale, has received generous support from Equity & Friends Fight AIDS.  The charitable arm of Actors Equity, EFFA this week presented MAC with an unrestricted donation of $7,500.


“They’ve been a loyal supporter of HIVAIDS prevention for a very long time, and the donation this year was particularly important considering budget deficits and economic hardships.  With the unsteady economy and large governmental cuts in AIDS funding this year, Equity & Friends is a godsend,” said Craig Covey, Chief Operating Officer of Michigan AIDS Coalition.


 The union of actors raises money for AIDS causes all year long at theatres and performances around Southeast Michigan.   The industry was hit hard by the AIDS epidemic which began taking thousands of lives in large coastal cities in the U.S. in the early 1980’s.   Since then, world-wide, tens of millions of people have perished from the pandemic which still rages among many at-risk populations.


Funds were also raised for AIDS Partnership Michigan, a Detroit based agency that provides case-management services and other programs. 


MAC conducts prevention and education programming with staff and volunteers across Michigan, targeting youth, women, racial minorities, gay and bisexual men, and other at-risk populations.  It provides these programs through government grants, private foundations, donations, and fundraising.  For more information about MAC go to:  www.michiganaidscoalition.org

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