Designer Resale Opens at 22442 Woodward

By, Crystal A. Proxmire


Among the flock of new Ferndale businesses (see:, is a shop designed to help people with less money get the fashionable clothing they need to make a good impression. Designer Resale Boutique only accepts the most fashionable items they can find, with a generous consignment system that allows people to benefit by passing on their used clothes to others.  They are one of 13 new businesses to the area so far this spring.

Amy Keely opened the store at 22442 Woodward at the end of March with a ribbon cutting ceremony on the 27th (note:  in the pictures below the dates are incorrect.).  She and store manager Amber Saba hand select the items to be sold so that everything meets their standards of quality.  “People bring in bags of clothes and we sort them to make sure they are all name-brand,” Keely said.  “People can take back the clothes we can’t sell, or we can donate them.  For ever ten non-designer items you donate, you get 10% off one item.  The clothes are donated to Salvation Army.”


The response to the consignment program has been surprisingly large.  “Someone brought in 53 pairs of designer blue jeans.  Another lady made three trips to the store in two days while she was cleaning out her closet.”


The store has mens and womens fashions in most sizes.


For more information go to their website at


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