Donations Stolen from Dolly’s Pizza

By, Crystal A. Proxmire


Dolly’s Pizza will be held a fundraiser on Sunday, March 21st to replace money that was stolen from a Leukemia Foundation quarter board and a donation jar for a family member’s funeral expenses on March 17. 


A review of security tapes shows a man come into the store and order a slice of pizza.  When the clerk turns her back the man slips the cardboard donation board into his jacket and zips it up.  Less than half an hour later a woman and a man came in and ordered a slice which they paid for with quarters.  When the clerk turned her back two more men came in.  One lingered in a corner out of view of the clerk while the other ordered a slice.  When the coast was clear the man in the corner grabbed a jar full of money and went out the front door.


The tape shows that the woman and the man who accompanied the thief both had folders from The Ferndale Career Center, which is located in the same shopping center.  Police reviewed security tapes, and managers from the Center are confident that they will be able help track down the suspects.


“We’ve been cooperating completely,” said Center Supervisor Pam Bellavar.  “I hope this doesn’t reflect badly on the center.  We are here to help people find jobs, which is good for the community.  Nothing like this has happened before.”  She said that she’s glad the news reports are helping to bring attention to the cause.


The donation jar held over $200 that was being raised for funeral expenses for the manager’s brother who met an untimely death after being prescribed a medication with fatal side effects at the age of 23.  There were over 60 quarters in the Lukemia card.  Owner Edward Cash says that the thefts are “despicable,” and that the media attention has been “like a circus.”


“People from Channel 4 happened to be having lunch at Christine’s at the time the person here noticed the money missing,” Cash said.  “They did an interview and called Channel 7 and soon everyone wanted to see the tapes.”


Ferndale 115 News reporter Crystal Proxmire was in Dolly’s Pizza reviewing the security tapes on March 18, 2010 when the woman from the video came in to buy another slice of pizza.  Cash confronted the woman who said that she had nothing to do with the theft.  “I’ve already talked to the police and I don’t want nothing to do with this,” said the woman, who did not give her name.  “I paid with quarters because we don’t have a lot of money.  It’s all just coincidence and I don’t want that tape getting played on the news anymore making me look bad.  I’ve got people calling me saying that I robbed the pizza shop.  It’s not right.”


Police say that the woman is currently not a suspect, and more information will be available. 


Family members on hand to accept donations and 10% of the day’s sales will go towards the memorial for Ryan Hollifield, who passed away on January 20, 2010.  Dolly’s is located at 745 E. 9 Mile in Ferndale.  Donations may be dropped off at any time, although the collection jar is now kept locked up behind the counter.  They have already been able to raise back more than the $200 that was stolen.