Volunteerism is the Heart of Our Nation:  My Involvement with The Assembly Line Concert Second Shift

By, Carol Jackson


My name is Carol Jackson and I am a proud resident of Ferndale.  We have an amazing community; diversified, caring and involved in life.  And for that reason I got to know AJ at AJ’S Café.  AJ is so committed to not only Ferndale, but to basic humanity.  He cares what happens to all of us in this down economy and beyond.  He gives so much of himself that you want to help in anyway possible when he starts a special project  That special project is The Assembly Line II, Second Shift.  If you are not familiar, last year he won the Guinness World Record for the ‘longest running music concert’ in the WORLD!!!  It’s all to bring awareness to the struggles of the American Car manufacturer.  One little guy, one little coffee shop did it and will do it again this year.


But an undertaking like this takes money and a people commitment.  Volunteers are the back bone of this worthwhile endeavor. 


As a volunteer getting involved with AJ’s Café has been a no-brainer.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something bigger than yourself?  This movement is timely with our economy and in our communities.  We are inspired by AJ’s commitment to helping bring awareness to the general public and businesses to buy and support American made products and services.  This is not just about Ferndale, it’s about all of us…So if you are so inclined to become part of this terrific movement at AJ’s Café, than call today to volunteer or help raise sponsorship money to put on the best event ever in Ferndale.  Go to the website www.assemblylineconcert.com 


Starts March 19 thru April 1st.  12 Non Stop Days, so there are a lot to times to help out.   Get involved.  One person CAN make a difference!!!  AJ certainly has!!

Hooray for AJ   His leadership is the BEST.   


Submitted by:  Carol Jackson, Metlife Securities  586-747-1394

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