52 For Mom Update

By, Brian Lane


As you know, Brian Lane (CEO/Runner for FiftyTwo4Mom) is on a cross country journey running races in each state to raise awareness and money to fund research for Optic Nerve Disorders. 


The journey continued as FiftyTwo4Mom visited Birmingham , Alabama this past weekend for the Mercedes Marathon.  Thanks to AdvoCare the team was able to share a booth at the Health Expo on Friday and Saturday, which allowed us to raise over $300 and get information out to hundred of other individuals who were picking up registration information for the race.   People we met were very receptive to our cause and seemed genuinely enthusiastic to check out our website and follow us as we travel the country.  On Sunday, Brian competed in the half marathon, running the hilly course in 1:54.59, finishing in the top quarter of competitors.  The race felt great and if this in an indication of things to come the team is well on their way to reaching our goals.


Our next stop was Biloxi , Mississippi which offered us several great opportunities.  We left behind several donation jars at local restaurants and hopefully we will find out in the next couple of weeks if those brought us any luck.  Our host was very generous the week and showed us around the great town and even took us out to eat on several nights.   The town was pretty ravaged by Katrina, but it is good to see the spirits of this region are strong and people have rallied to build it back up.  The Arbor Day 5k was on Saturday, and the Gulf Coast Running Club put on a great race and allowed us to pass out info to the runners.  It was a nice race through the town, and I finished 33rd out of over 200 runners in a time of 23:05.  Sometimes you forget how hard a 5k can be when you’ve been training all year for marathons.  Later that day we also participated in the Disability Awareness Festival and were given the opportunity to talk to people and pass out information.  Sunday, we had the opportunity to have a booth at the local Flea Market which was a change of pace for sure.  I think a lot of people thought I was there to sell raffle tickets or try to sign them up for a program, but once I was able to talk to people they really opened up to our cause and what we were doing.   Through all the events we reached over 300 people.


New Orleans was the hardest city of the 3 we did this month.  I won’t lie or sugar coat it, it was hard to get interest with such a large race and so many people running for causes.  Between the different cancers, MS, and all the other foundations I believe that they calculated that around 45% of individuals were running for a charity.   With over 15,000 runners that’s a LOT of people and it was difficult to stand out and get the media or businesses to take notice.  The trip was worth it though because I was able to make several good contacts and establish relationships with the local track club, and a local blogger.  You never know with those bloggers what comes from their posts.  The race itself went well and while I had a slightly slower time than in Alabama , 1:55.51, I was really enjoying talking to people and enjoying the race.  I am taking a week off to recoup from doing 2 half marathons in 14 days, but will be in Hilton Head for the Shamrock Run 5k on March 13th.


Our goal over the journey is to raise one million dollars by getting one million people to donate just $1.  We really need everyone’s support to continue on with our journey week in and week out.  Please make sure to check out our site and if you have not already done so, please make a donation to our cause.  Everyone who donates will have their name added to “My Road,” to thank you for your donation.  We would also like to offer to the businesses the opportunity to sponsor our trip.  Sponsorships are as low as $20 to have your company logo and website listed on our site.  Our sponsors have ranged from local bars/restaurants to running companies and other small businesses.  Other opportunities are also available for those interested (please email for details).  You can also follow us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/Waterford-MI/FiftyTwo4Mom/256084200954?ref=search&sid=100000141166287.2932391866..1 ) or on Twitter (http://twitter.com/FiftyTwo4Mom).  There is lots of information and links on our site about OND’s and also a blog for anyone to post stories about how Optic Nerve Disease has affected them.  If you or anyone you know has been affect by this disease, please let us know so we can share their story.  This is a great way for people to network with others who are affected and see they are not alone.


We want to thank everyone for their support so far.  We know it is a difficult time for many people, and that’s why all donations are so greatly appreciated.  We would like to give special thanks to the Ohio Northern Swim Team, the MSU Tampa and Atlanta Alumni Associations, AdvoCare (Anne especially), the Gulf Coast Running Club, and our hosts in Birmingham, Biloxi and New Orleans who were all amazing.   We also have really enjoyed hearing back from people, so please do not be afraid to hit us up with your words of encouragement. 



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